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KS Painters, Inc. is the king of the painting jungle when it comes to interior and exterior projects. Our services include simple repainting of interior and exterior walls, basic and finished carpentry services, wall texturing, special wall surface effects (such as “marbleizing” and “faux finishes”), installation of recessed ceiling lights, all the way to drywall and acoustical ceiling repair. We also offer expert application of color glazes, specialty industrial coatings, including industrial enamels, epoxy and urethane coatings.

Expert Skill With Years of Expierence

We are proud of the fact that a major portion of our new clients are referrals. KS Painters, Inc. has earned its reputation by not only being locally owned and operated, but by ensuring quality and satisfaction. Our goal is to minimize the hassles typically associated with painting and construction work by making your painting project an enjoyable experience . . . rather than one you would like to forget. Remember, there is no substitute or compromise for quality and professionalism. Just ask some of our past and current clients gladly provided on request!

Whether it’s for your home, business, office building, shopping center or homeowners association, request a royal appointment right now by calling us anytime for a free, no obligation estimate and expert color consultation.

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Why is color important

ired of those “pedestrian” plain or off white walls? Our color specialists will give you that unique look that your friends are always talking about. We make it easy by taking the headaches out of choosing colors. We will give your house that “Pop” and that “Designer look” that you see in magazines.


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