The happiest color in the spectrum. It can bring a smile to any a kitchen, laundry room, or bathroom while providing a sunny disposition.


This color evokes enthusiasm, vibrancy, and sort of an exhibition among colors that will draw attention to your space.


These colors will open your space; giving it a clean, refreshing feeling. Accenting white with splashes of color is an effective way of dramatizing a room. Cooler white gives a more formal look, while warmer whites help make areas feel cozier.


The color of nature. Green can have a calming and relaxing impact on your space. Use sage and pear tones in bedrooms to give serenity, while shades of lime and chartreuse will energize your space.


Perhaps the most popular color, it draws from the sky, water and heavens above. It creates calming and cool themes similar to the green tones. It works well in bedrooms, under chair rails, or on its own as a bold accent.


The color of confidence; its bold richness creates excitement and energy. This punch of color is great for making a statement. It works well in dining rooms, powder rooms, and accents. This spirited color will stimulate passion, power, and opulence.


These colors create a clean, calm feeling in your space. They work well in bedrooms and bathrooms giving the space a serine ambiance. These colors work well against heavier, darker furniture, and can be paired with silvers, cooler green tones, and mauves.

Burgundy, Purple/Plum

Rich and sophisticated; a close sibling to black that can add a mischievous, melancholic, and romantic feeling. It is the color of wealth, luxury, and nobility. This works well with cooler gray tones to formalize a room, while, adding lime green to make a room look more fresh and modern.


Pink is positive; typically more feminine and softer than the red family. Pink lifts the spirits, and works well in children’s rooms and nurseries. It can be combined with bright greens or oranges to impact a space, or toned down with shades of brown or tan to soften a bedroom.


An attention grabbing accent, can be used to give a formal appearance. Used on fashion runways this color conveys opulence, intelligence, and grandeur. This classic color works well in living rooms, dining rooms, powder rooms and grand settings. It can be paired with warmer tones to create a more lively and inviting space.


Light silver black is very sophisticated. It represents elegance, mystery, and power. Using black as an accent or combined into a faux finish can impact and add drama to your space. Black works well in combination with silver to give an eloquent effect to a space.

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